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Why is Python Important?

Why should you learn Python?

What is better than having a powerful programming language that you can build almost anything. Python is general purpose language. Being powerful is one thing but being easy to understand makes it even better compared to other powerful programming languages such as Java, C++.There are countless reasons to learn Python, especially if you are coming from IT background.

Easy to digest

You know English? Then you are already speaking Python. As a high-level language, it makes it much easier for beginners to comprehend its syntax.

Promising future

A study was done by in 2016, proves that Python future is growing dramatically. It will be among the top 10 programming languages. The estimated Python developer salary is above 100,000 USD



Python is one of the most flexible languages. There’s no one way or rule to make things happen. Python is open to different opinions. Python is easy-going with errors, you can run your code until you hit a problematic issue.

Huge community

Are you stuck? No problem, Python got you covered with tons of free resources online. Many websites provide free tutorials and documentations that explain almost every aspect of Python. Some of my favourite websites:

Codecademy: The best if you just started learning Python. intermediate to pro. I love this website, it helps to understand how Python can be used in real life applications.

The-New-Boston: It has tons of free tutorials from Python (Computer Science) to cooking, yup it even teaches how to cook food. 

Python has many fields to offer. some of the most famous ones such as:

1- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Are you interested in smart machines and data analysis? Then Python is the answer

2- Web development

With Django or Flask, you can create wonders.

3- Robotics

Raspberry Pi and Python offer a great opportunity for robots lovers.

4- Software development

Python flexibility makes it attractive language for many software applications

Finally, Python is important language. While there are faster languages such as C, more powerful such as Lisp or even more famous languages such Java, Python gets you tons of things, and with the right tools, it gets even better.

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